In an article published by the Daily Report on May 18, Chris Curfman discusses marketing strategies for introverted lawyers. A self-described introvert, he shares how he has successfully marketed his leadership role within the boutique intellectual property firm. Curfman finds that existing or former clients recommend his services, and that, in turn, generates new clients. Sometimes he will reach out and ask a client to make an introduction to a prospective client who may be facing a specific problem. That way, he can interact with the prospect about a substantive situation where he has the chance to talk about something meaningful, rather than rely on small talk or a general pitch – difficult tasks for introverts. In addition to one-on-one conversations, Curfman points to social media as an alternative way to interact with clients or prospects without being too invasive or overbearing. “Honestly, I prefer email over picking up the phone,” he admits.

Every firm should have a mix of introverts and extroverts, Curfman believes. “I see introverts as a stabilizing force. I’m also a consensus-builder, which balances out the extroverts who want to take more risk and move quickly,” he explains. While he definitely is an introvert, two of his initial partners were extroverts, and the fourth was a mix. “Knowing everyone’s natural inclinations relieves a lot of pressure because each person contributes where they are the strongest and they are not expected to contribute, though they can, on areas they may be weak,” he shares.

Ultimately, Curfman believes that emotional intelligence is the key to marketing, whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere between. For the full article, subscribers to the Daily Report may click here.