Partner Miles Hall is presenting “Establishing Your IP Position” at the 8th annual Southeastern Medical Device Association (“SEMDA”) on March 31. His talk takes a “backward” approach to looking at IP portfolio development by focusing on the lessons learned from effective sell-side IP due diligence, and exploring how these lessons can be used to guide forward looking IP strategy and executive level communications regarding IP. Miles will avoid discussions about technical legal issues and will instead offer his perspectives for those seeking a better understanding of practical IP strategy and communications about their IP.

SEMDA is a trade association that supports and promotes medical device and medical device data system companies in the Southeast. The association was founded in 2004 and provides resources to both accelerate device development and achieve commercial success.

Miles is a principal at Meunier Carlin & Curfman LLC and has been an intellectual property attorney for over 10 years. He focuses his practice on patent prosecution, portfolio management, due diligence and opinions in the areas of medical devices, biotechnology and medical technology. Miles is actively involved in SEMDA and is currently serving as Chair of the Presenting Companies Committee for the annual conference.