Shannon is an intellectual property practitioner with a breadth of knowledge in advanced technologies and sciences. She applies that knowledge and insatiable curiosity to secure high-value intellectual property assets for clients.

Shannon has experience developing patent strategy for applications and patent portfolios of universities, small enterprises, and start-ups, both domestically and internationally. She spent several years working for a Lithuanian patent firm, and uses her experience to advise clients on filing patents with the European Patent Office.

Shannon prosecutes patent applications in the technical fields of software, IT, high-tech, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, compositions, mechanical devices, and industrial design. She collaborates with inventors to draft patent applications with a key focus on claim construct, targeting desired art group, and international applicability in a number of fields, including material science and clean energy. She performs patentability searches, freedom to operate, third-party observation filings, and patent evaluation for licensing. She has effectively managed international patent portfolios, including preparation, filings and prosecution.


University of Pittsburgh, B.S., Chemistry and Geology, magna cum laude

University of Texas, PhD, Physical Chemistry


  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Experience

    • Patent Agent, AAA Law
    • Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, Vilnius University and Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
    • Research Assistant, University of Texas
    • Research Assistant, University of Pittsburgh
  • Publications & Presentations

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