Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

MCC works with startups, universities, research centers, and established corporations to obtain intellectual property protection for their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovations. With the global artificial intelligence market expected to grow by nearly 40 percent over the coming decade, companies and universities alike are wise to seek IP counseling to protect innovations related to the integration of AI and ML into their businesses, which can fuel future growth.

IP Protection for AI Innovations

Our attorneys and patent agents advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property associated with AI and ML technologies. We aim to help our clients understand opportunities for obtaining IP protection for their work in AI and ML from the early development, data preparation, and training phases through model deployment in order to create tangible business value. For example, with innovators often using an expanding range of open source and commercially-available AI and ML tools, we help our clients identify whether AI and ML innovations deserve IP protection. When they do, we collaborate with clients to protect those assets so that their full commercial value can be realized.

It is important to note that a protectable AI or ML innovation is not limited to the creation of new AI chipsets or architecture — in other words, applied AI technologies may be protectable as well. AI and ML technologies are complex and aspects may be entitled to different types of protection (e.g., trade secret, patent, copyright), so we assist our clients in developing appropriate strategies to pursue the optimal forms of IP protection in view of their business objectives.

MCC has a very diverse artificial intelligence practice in a number of technical areas and industries. AI and ML innovations are being pursued in multidisciplinary technical fields often at a confluence of multiple engineering and scientific disciplines in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, operational engineering, biomedical engineering, and life science technology. Representative examples of prior representations include AI innovations in the areas of:


With industrial and research backgrounds and real-world experience in technology, MCC’s team-oriented attorneys and patent agents routinely work across disciplines to understand AI and ML innovations and add business value for our clients.